09 Nov 2015
Day 6

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On Monday the 26th October, we started the morning by going around to the boutiques to discover their local specialties. After getting back we made our lunches and prepared for our upcoming events against another Bajan school team. We took a taxi to the school and watched the Springer girls in their sport lesson. It was very interesting to watch a Bajan PE lesson, which is so different from the lessons we receive at FHS. Once the school bell rung- we were able to get onto the court and prepare for our final tour matches. The light blue team fought hard with some very good motivation by Georgia, pressure was applied throughout the whole game. The dark blue team, with a few changes from the previous match, fought very bravely against the tough players and took some knocks but the pressure and enthusiasm never got lost on the way. The shooting was accurate which kept our lead throughout the game being secured by Mona and Anastasia who had excellent movement in the circle. With our excellent techniques and teamwork we came away with a win. After our long day we all went down to the pool to relax while going over where we could of improved, Illy Lily, Mona and a little help from Daisy they managed to get a rally of 129 of volleys!!!