30 Oct 2015
Day 4

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The girls had an early start at 5 am. They had a quick breakfast got on the bus at 5:45. When they arrived at the stadium, they did a slow but efficient warm up as it was very hot.
The first match was the A group. We got on the court with the sun already blazing. We used all the tactics we learnt on Friday training, since this was our first match we were nervous to see the play of the Combine schools. We played our hardest and missed the win by 2 goals. We kept fighting until the very end and tried our absolute best. By the end we were sweaty, out of breath and determined to win the next. The B's played next. The girls played their hardest and fought through the heat. They played well, passing the ball swiftly around the court but the defence from the combined schools was too good and they took the lead. The girls did not give up and played a great game of netball even though it resulted in a loss.
After the matches the girls had a day by the pool to regain energy for the next day of tough netball matches. Well done everyone.