Match Report
Francis Holland School, Sloane Square Girls-U14A vs  U13 & 14 GSA NETBALL TOURNAMENT
On: Friday, 23 Sep 2022
Venue: Away

On the weekend of the 23rd-25th of September the U14 A netball team took part in a GSA netball tournament which took place at Condover hall, Shropshire. Once we arrived at Condover hall we tried out some of the activity’s such as abseiling, lazer tag and many more. After dinner we got the privilege of having a talk from Ella Bowen a future England roses player. Which was very interesting since she was answering many questions from the girls and giving us tips and advice what it takes to be a netballer and how she got the where she is today. . Our first match was against Putney High School who was probably one of our harder oppositions in our pool, unfortunately we didn’t quite succeed against them and they ended up winning. However we fought back and ended up winning the rest of our matches. Unfortunately we had an injury during one of the matches but we had Maya stepping in as goal shooter which is not a position that she is not used to playing. Another defensive player who stood out and played exceedingly well the whole weekend was Saskia Ribbons always being there when she is needed and taking on the feedback and showing it on the court, being a great netballer but overall a great team mate cheering on the team when they needed it the most. Since we won 5 out of 6 matches we got into the top league, the trophy league which is FHS first netball team that has been able to get into it before so it was a huge achieve for our team. We had a total of 5 matches on the last day. Our first match on the Sunday was against Manchester High whom we have never played before so we weren’t very sure on how they play but luckily we ended up beating them by a fair amount of goals. Followed by a tough match against Notting Hill and Ealing which we only lost by 4 goals, it was a very fast pace match (and we made a few silly mistakes in the second half which might have cost us the game.) Then we were faced Bolten which was another challenging game and tested our fitness and teamwork, since we had another game against Maynard straight after it. So we all had to push through and keep on working until that whistle blew and then our games were finished until the final match to determine our position overall, and we beat Maynard. A while later we found out that we were playing Putney High School which we knew would be a tough match, since we lost against them on the first day and didn’t have much energy left. At half time we didn’t feel as if we were playing our best as there was quite a big score to chase. However we picked ourself up and carried on and played the best we could. Even though we didn’t beat them we know played our best and are tremendously happy with our achievements this weekend. Our overall position was 6th place out of 22 other schools. We learnt how to work as a team together and stayed motivated even if the game isn’t going the way that we want it to go. Overall this weekends was very successful and we are grateful for the experience that we had many opportunities to play against a variety of schools.

Written by Grace Keane